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ALLNEED Meso ProLine products contain ultra-pure raw materials in high concentrations, with meticulously selected pharmaceutical grade formulations. They are sterile, without additives and perfectly tolerable by the skin. Therefore, combined with the most advanced transdermal delivery systems, they guarantee patients the benefits of traditional meso products with a non-invasive, painless treatment with immediate results.


The particular viscosity of the formulations is characteristic of the high amount of hyaluronic acid contained in it.


Formula optimized for delivery with Campomats medical devices.

ALLNEED MESOLINE CMVitaPeel Sterile Meso Vials 5x5ml

895,00 krPris
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  • Thanks to the presence of a particular mix of acids,

    CMVitaPeel assists a powerful exfoliating,

    rejuvenating and depigmenting action.

    During the peeling, the precious amino acids and vitamins penetrate into the epidermis with an elasticising and toning action. The application time depends on the type and condition of the skin and varies from a min of 3 to a max of 15 minutes. Do not use if the area to be treated has micro-wounds.

    • Glycolic Mix • Lactic acid
    • Tartaric acid • Citric acid
    • Mandelic acid • Aminoacids • Vitamin B12
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