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1NEED PROLINE. We bring you on a new path, in order to develop a
Microneedling, Micropricking and NanoPeel working protocol. In this way, we want to meet your requests for natural, organic and cosmeceutical products. We want to create together with you, a new range of treatments safer and green.

We used a high concentration of Organic Aloe Vera in each product. For this reason, each formulation has strong moisturizing, soothing, calming and anti-aging properties. In addition to that, you will find in each product specific active ingredients that will enhance the results.


1NEED PROLINE products are the result of studies and intense research and development work made by CAMPOMATS. In fact, we first focused on choosing the basic ingredients. Precisely for this reason, we have been able to develop unique formulations for you.

Above all, we have chosen not to include fragrances in the formulations of our products for professional use. We did it with the aim of minimizing the risks of skin irritation and sensitization. All this, to meet the tolerability requirements of even the most sensitive skin.

Lastly 1NEED PROLINE  has the unique feature of replacing the watery part of most of the components with Organic Aloe Vera juice.

1NEED PROLINE Balancing Biomask x12

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  • Disposable mask in highly moisturizing, soothing and regenerating biocellulose. Thanks to the high concentration of organic aloe vera juice, peptide-15, bisabolol, licorice extract and hyaluronic acid it is ideal for restoring the skin after treatments.

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