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SKU: DQ000004
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    5 vials x 5ml 
    0.17fl oz.


    REJUVEYES is an advanced meso-cocktail formulated to address undereye concerns. Featuring skin-loving hyaluronic acid and a complex of three peptides, REJUVEYES reinforces the firmness and tone of the eye area and increases collagen production, circulation, and capillary function. This triple-action treatment smooths and brightens the eye area; reduces puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles; and moisturizes and firms the skin. It comes packed with all the ingredients needed to banish undereye bags and dark circles: chrysin activates the elimination of dark circles, and ginkgo biloba and cynara scolymus leaf extract improves skin tone and microcirculation. Troxerutin reduces capillary fragility and permeability and is vasoprotective. REJUVEYES meso-cocktail works to reduce puffiness; improve the appearance of dark circles; and restores plumps, and brightens aging eyes by boosting hydration and encouraging cell turnover.


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