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SKU: DQ000011
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    5 vials x 5mL 


    Dermaqual L-CARNITINE anti-cellulite meso-cocktail improves skin texture and reduce cellulite

    L-CARNITINE® is an oligopeptide involved in fatty acid metabolism, biosynthesized from the essential amino acids L-lysine and L-methionine. L-Carnitine plays a vital role in lipid oxidation and energy production by transporting long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondrial matrix, where they can be oxidized (“burned”) to release energy. Deficiency of L-Carnitine prevents the body from processing lipids into energy; this causes fat accumulation into the skin layer and creates cellulite. Cellulite – “orange peel” – is formed as a result of defectively functioning lymphatic system, which results in storage of leftover toxins in fat cells.

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