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GSH + C1000

SKU: DQ000006
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  • GSH + C1000
    5 vials 
    1000 mg powder 


    GSH + C 1000 Rediscover bright, even-toned skin with GSH + C 1000, an antioxidant and intensive whitening cosmetic treatment that helps fight pigmentation. It combines a concentrated dose of active brightening ingredients: the amino acid glutathione with pure ascorbic acid. Infusing these two powerful agents helps biologically reduce melanin production while boosting cell renewal for a unified and brightened complexion. Activated vitamin C is incredibly potent to remove existing dark spots and prevent new skin discolorations. Protected from oxidative stress, the skin has a healthier and smoother appearance. The result is a long-lasting, radiant complexion with a visible whitening effect.

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