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DQ CONE Double Arm

SKU: DQ000019
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    1 set of 2 Threads
    20g / 400m


    DQ CONE DOUBLE ARM is a resorbable bi-directional press-molded cone-shaped COG polydioxanone medical suture with 2 sharp hypodermic cannula needles. The powerful lifting thread, with a non-heat press-molded, cone-shaped cog and anchor-shaped end significantly improves skin tension. This is done by placing the anchor-end of the suture, at entrance-tip of the cannula to facilitate fixation and reduce the risk of migration. The double-arm innovative technology allows both needles to be placed under the soft tissue through a single puncture of the skin. Whilst the arrow-shaped bi-directional cogs provide strong alignment point with an excellent anchorage and create a long-lasting lifting effect in the desired treatment area.

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