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DQ 4D Facelift PDO Threads

SKU: DQ000012
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  • DQ 4D Facelift
    1 set of 5 PDO Threads


    The DQ 4D FACELIFT resorbable multidirectional COG 4D polydioxanone medical suture with sterile hypodermic cannula needle. The COG 4D threads are equipped with microscopic hooks, extended in a 4-dimensional projection (90 degrees between 4 hooks) to maximize the lifting effect and improve contour.

    DQ 4D FACELIFT is perfect for elevating and reinforcing the fixation of loose skin, anchoring it in its natural position, without altering characteristic features. It creates a long-lasting effect with a strong alignment point to give an immediate lifting effect in the desired area of treatment.

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