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Ascorbix 20

SKU: DQ000005
Excluding VAT
    5 vials x 10mL
    0.34fl oz.


    Rejuvenate skin’s luminous glow with an intensive, non-comedogenic ASCORBIX 20 meso-solution, the expert formula of ascorbic acid at a concentration of 20%. ASCORBIX 20 is an antioxidant, antiaging, and brightening treatment. Suitable for all skin types and tones. It promotes clearer, brighter, and smoother skin while balancing sebum production. Ascorbic acid is an essential coenzyme for collagen and elastin biosynthesis. ASCORBIX 20 is a moisturizing and firming formula that revitalizes the skin and stimulates the natural renewal process, addressing the most visible signs of aging, such as discoloration and loss of tone and elasticity.


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